Monday, 2 April 2018


Carcassonne wasn't our gateway game like it is for many - but it is still a favourite of ours.

Despite a skill imbalance (Kelly wins nearly all of our games) it is one of our favourite games to play two player. Over the years we have acquired a few expansions for it, but we tend to only play with the first one, Inns and Cathedrals.

We wanted to spend some time exploring the expansions we have by dedicating an entire days gaming to Carcassonne., culminating in a mega game where we play with every expansion we have.

This weeks podcast is a discussion about the days gaming and also about what it is we love about Carcassonne! There's also a quiz at the end! 

We also discuss a couple of new favourites including Dice Forge and Photosynthesis, Kelly's actual favourite Battlestar Galactica and Becky's first thoughts of potential favourite Sunset Over Water.


  1. This episode on soundcloud cuts off about 32 minutes in.

    Have you considered using an integrated rulebook for Battlestar? There seems to be one on boardgamegeek. I've found these very useful for games with lots of expansions, especially when I don't play them very often - I've even written one, for Firefly.

    I loved the suspicious way in which Becky asked "And then on your phone?"

    1. Thanks Roger! I've reuploaded it so please check out the last 15 mins. Good shout on the integrated rules, I make a few cheat sheets for games we don't play very often but having an integrated rule book for a game with lots of expansions would be super handy!

    2. Thanks for the bonus material. I'm still not a huge Carcassonne fan, I think because for me the fun to gameplay time ratio is too low: if it took half the time I'd like it more. (Never tried any of the expansions except The River.)

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