Sunday, 17 June 2018

KonMari the Collection

This week we are discussing getting rid of our games!

There comes a point in most gamers lives where your shelves are full and you have to make a choice - move to a bigger house or cull your collection to make space for new games!

We recently used the KonMari method to reduce the size of our games collection. (Though moving house is also on the cards!)

We discuss how this worked as well as some other methods of selecting which games to keep or say goodbye to, as well as what peoples motivations for having a collection might be. 

We also discuss the games we have been playing in the week including Harvest Dice, Ghost Stories, Burgle Bros., Zombie Doctor, Lotus, Hearts, Legacy of Dragonholt, The Mind, Herbaceous, Ex Libris and Agricola: Family Edition.

For more info on Zombie Doctor check out their website

Monday, 11 June 2018

UKGE 2018

It's now been a week since UKGE and it already feels like forever ago!

Kelly and I had so much to talk about at the end of each night we ended up splitting the episode into 3 parts - a part for each day.

Our first day see us easing into the convention with a few demo games including War of the Buttons, When I Dream, Pioneers, Logan Stones and Harvest Dice and then having a late night with a epic game of BSG.

On day two we play even more games including High Society, One Week and One Night Ultimate Werewolf, Rumplestiltskin, Legacy of Dragonholt, Fruitti di Mare, Startups and Q bitz.

We also take a break from gaming to attend (and participate in) a comedy board game quiz - This Game is Broken's live show and try our luck in Paul Grogan's charity raffle.

The final day has as jumping on few final demos including 5 Minute Chase, Pikoko, Chronicals of Crime, Pictomania, Wordsy, Legendary Inventors, Kanagawa and Spirt Island.

We also recap our experiences of the whole convention and compare it to previous years.

Once again we had another fantastic year at UKGE, it's certainly a high point of the year for us and something we look forward to. We are happy to see the convention grow and grow and would recommend you attend next year if you get the chance!

Sunday, 3 June 2018

Retheming Games

Following our recent logo change we are talking this week about retheming games - does it bring games to a wider audience - or is it just a corporate cash grab?

We also discuss the games we have been playing this week including Splendor, Citadels, Pocket Mars and Descent Shadows of Nerekhall.

Sunday, 27 May 2018

Board Game Stag Do

The stag do is an honoured tradition where prior to his big day, the groom has a big night out with his closest male friends, consumes a lot of alcohol and maybe frequent a Strip Club.

Fortunately this is not what our friend Tim chose to do, and instead we got to go down the pub, consume a moderate amount of lemonade and play some awesome fun Board Games!

In this weeks episode we applaud Tim for his excellent stag do and discuss some of the many games we got to play there.

As well as the stag do games we also discuss some of the other games we got to try in the week including Game of Thrones, Dice Forge, the Goonies Adventure Card Game and Fog of Love. (The stag do games we discuss are Decrypto, New York Slice and Deception Murder in Hong Kong)

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Sunday, 20 May 2018

Burnt out on Board Games

It's been a slow weeks gaming for us and we are questioning why that is... could it be that we are burnt out on board games or are there wider issues? We discuss what factors could cause us to become disinterested in the hobby we love!

We discuss the few games we did get to play including Scythe, Dice Forge, Quixx, Wibbell ++ and Zoomaka.

Also you may have noticed we have had a logo change! Our new logo was provided to us by friend of the show Jamie Riseborough

Monday, 14 May 2018


We are back from our unscheduled holiday and talking about Diceni - the closest thing Norwich has to a games convention.

We discuss the demo games we got to try there, notably Escape the Dark Castle and Wibbell++  from the amazing Stuff by Bez, as well as our general impressions of the convention.

We also have our usual discussion of some games we got to play in the week including Dice Forge, Inis, Meeple Circus, Hive and Kingdomino.

As mentioned early we had an unscheduled break, this is to give me a bit of an editing buffer for the show so going forward our episode will be a week behind. This will mean we are quite as up to date with current events but it will make me a lot less stressed on a Sunday evening! If you did want to stay right up to date with us you can always follow us on social media - just check out the links below!

Monday, 30 April 2018

Stranger Gamer

Board gaming is a fun and social hobby and is great to enjoy with friends and family. But what about those times when you are gaming with people you don't know? 
As two self confessed socially awkward people, how do we cope gaming with strangers - what difficulties does that bring and what benefits?

We also discuss some of the games we have been playing this week including BSG, 7 Wonders, Pandemic Legacy S2 (no spoilers), The Mind and Liberatalia.

We also finally reveal the mystery board game sound and introduce a new one- so keep listening at the end of the episode for that!

Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Happy Nearly Birthday to Us.......

Its nearly our 1st anniversary! Well kinda. Either way I figured 50 episodes was worthy of celebration!

This week we are recapping on how the first year of the podcast has gone, answering some questions from our listeners (and friends) and discussing whats coming up in the future. We are so happy that people listen to us and hopefully enjoy the show so it was really nice to look back at what we have done over the last year.

As always we also discuss the games we have been playing this week including Pictionary, Codenames, Great Western Trail, Rising Sun, The Mind and Crossing.

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Also if you are curious about the edited photo of Tom Vassel...

Sunday, 15 April 2018

The Length of a Board Game

How long is a good board game? About the same length of a piece of string I think!

This week we are discussing the length of games, and the impact that has on a persons experience and enjoyment. We both tend to favour shorter games (less than two hours) but with one of our favourite games being the exception we speculate on what makes those longer games appealing?

We also discuss the someone shorter games we have been playing this week including Herbaceous, Incan Gold, Qwirkle, The Mind, Skull King and give our first impressions of Zoomaka - a game that we received a review copy of this week.

There is still time to enter our 'Guess that board game sound' competition - just submit your answer on any of our social media pages or in the comments below!

Sunday, 8 April 2018


This week following a seemingly controversial new purchase, we are discussing the replayability of games, in particular - what factors make a game replayable, and how important is it for a game to be replayable?

We are also discussing games we have played in the week including Dominios, Skull King, Arctic Scavengers, Sunset Over Water and most importantly Herbaceous.

We also launch a new competition this week, so keep listening to the end of the episode for details for that! (Please note this is just for fun- there are no prizes). Feel free to put your answers in the comments below!

Also to support the Uganda board game convention Ben talks about visit:

Monday, 2 April 2018


Carcassonne wasn't our gateway game like it is for many - but it is still a favourite of ours.

Despite a skill imbalance (Kelly wins nearly all of our games) it is one of our favourite games to play two player. Over the years we have acquired a few expansions for it, but we tend to only play with the first one, Inns and Cathedrals.

We wanted to spend some time exploring the expansions we have by dedicating an entire days gaming to Carcassonne., culminating in a mega game where we play with every expansion we have.

This weeks podcast is a discussion about the days gaming and also about what it is we love about Carcassonne! There's also a quiz at the end! 

We also discuss a couple of new favourites including Dice Forge and Photosynthesis, Kelly's actual favourite Battlestar Galactica and Becky's first thoughts of potential favourite Sunset Over Water.