Sunday 25 March 2018

All the games

Kelly and I had some rare time apart this week, which meant we ended up doing some gaming apart as well.

The result of this is that between the two of us we have played 34 games this week (16 unique games!)

All these different games left very little time for a pillow talk so in this weeks episode we just discuss ALL THE GAMES - including Inis, Whitehall Mystery, Cosmic Encounter, HMS Dolores, China Town, Star Realms, In Vino Morte, Arrogance, Timeline British History, Pocket Mars and Spyfall.

We did however have a pillow talk last week - all about Gaming with our Grandparents, and the particular considerations we have to make when playing a game with someone who is over 80. Unfortunately I forgot to post it to the website last week - so if this is the only way you access the podcast then here it is now - and please accept my apologies for not posting it sooner (please note we are on itunes, stitcher and most places where you can get podcasts from!)

So potentially a double feature for some of you this week! If that still isn't enough you can always follow us on social media for more in the week!

Monday 12 March 2018


This week we were lucky enough to attend Airecon for the first time.

Having only been to UK Games Expo before we weren't really sure what to expect from this smaller convention (if you call 1500 people a small convention?) but whatever our expectations were they were met and exceeded.

This week are discussing what is now possibly our favourite con, including the many games we got to play there, some of the people we got to meet and just generally what our experience of the convention was!

Throughout this bumper episode we are also discussing the many games we played whilst we were there (plus a few from the week before). This list includes:

Mumbo Jumbo
Giant Tsuro
Jim Henson's Labyrinth
Century Spice Road
Imperial Settlers
Dice Forge
Whistle Stop
The Resistance: Avalon
Vegas Showdown
The Networks
Codenames Duet
Cottage Garden
Two Rooms and a Boom

If you aren't sick of us following this extended episode please keep up with us on social media!

Sunday 4 March 2018

Ding and Dent

No, we aren't talking about our fellow inside voices podcast Ding & Dent!

This week a friend of ours was lucky enough to pick up some heavily discounted games- the catch? A great big hole in the box!

This week we are discussing if a damaged game is worth the discount - and just how important a games box is anyway!

We also discuss many of the new (to us) games we were fortunate enough to get to play this week including Near and Far, Gubs, Viticulture and the not so new Colt Express as well as how we got on at our works board game club.

For those curious this is the box cover of Caylus I showed Kelly not the newer edition which looks a bit better:

Also if you are at Airecon next and you see us around please do speak to us! We would love to meet you! We will be doing a special Airecon episode next week which will be a little bit late as we will still be there on Sunday!