Monday 25 June 2018

Once upon a podcast...

We have hardly played any games this week so to make up for it we are playing a game on the podcast!

This weeks pillow talk is all about story telling games. We discuss what counts as a story telling game, what we do and don't like about them and even have a go at Faybell - the story telling game from the Wibbell++ system.

We also discuss the other games we played that week including Escape Room in a Box, a wedding escape game and Legacy of Dragonholt.

Sunday 17 June 2018

KonMari the Collection

This week we are discussing getting rid of our games!

There comes a point in most gamers lives where your shelves are full and you have to make a choice - move to a bigger house or cull your collection to make space for new games!

We recently used the KonMari method to reduce the size of our games collection. (Though moving house is also on the cards!)

We discuss how this worked as well as some other methods of selecting which games to keep or say goodbye to, as well as what peoples motivations for having a collection might be. 

We also discuss the games we have been playing in the week including Harvest Dice, Ghost Stories, Burgle Bros., Zombie Doctor, Lotus, Hearts, Legacy of Dragonholt, The Mind, Herbaceous, Ex Libris and Agricola: Family Edition.

For more info on Zombie Doctor check out their website

Monday 11 June 2018

UKGE 2018

It's now been a week since UKGE and it already feels like forever ago!

Kelly and I had so much to talk about at the end of each night we ended up splitting the episode into 3 parts - a part for each day.

Our first day see us easing into the convention with a few demo games including War of the Buttons, When I Dream, Pioneers, Logan Stones and Harvest Dice and then having a late night with a epic game of BSG.

On day two we play even more games including High Society, One Week and One Night Ultimate Werewolf, Rumplestiltskin, Legacy of Dragonholt, Fruitti di Mare, Startups and Q bitz.

We also take a break from gaming to attend (and participate in) a comedy board game quiz - This Game is Broken's live show and try our luck in Paul Grogan's charity raffle.

The final day has as jumping on few final demos including 5 Minute Chase, Pikoko, Chronicals of Crime, Pictomania, Wordsy, Legendary Inventors, Kanagawa and Spirt Island.

We also recap our experiences of the whole convention and compare it to previous years.

Once again we had another fantastic year at UKGE, it's certainly a high point of the year for us and something we look forward to. We are happy to see the convention grow and grow and would recommend you attend next year if you get the chance!

Sunday 3 June 2018

Retheming Games

Following our recent logo change we are talking this week about retheming games - does it bring games to a wider audience - or is it just a corporate cash grab?

We also discuss the games we have been playing this week including Splendor, Citadels, Pocket Mars and Descent Shadows of Nerekhall.