Monday 26 February 2018


What's better than your favourite board game? Your favourite board game with more bits!

This week we played a lot of expansions (for us at least) so we are discussing them and the concept of expansions.

Do you really need all the extra things or is it just a cynical ploy to get you to spend more money?

What do expansions  bring to the table - new weird and wonderful ways of playing? Extra players? Just more stuff!

We also discuss some of the other games we played this week including Bang! The Dice Game, When I Dream, Flick 'em Up Dead of Winter, the Bloody Inn, Hive and the expansions we played including Takenoko Chibis, Carcassonne Under the Big Top and some of the Star Realms expansion packs.

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Sunday 18 February 2018

Competitive Partners

Clearly Kelly and I enjoy playing games together and I strongly advocate it as a good hobby for couples - certainly co-op games can help with cooperation and discussion skills.

But what happens when things get competitive and when its not just the two of you? Even in competitive games there is sometimes chances for temporary alliances and surely if you are playing with your spouse you would side with them...

This week we are discussing how all is not fair in love and war and how gaming with your partner in a group of other players changes the dynamic.

We also discuss some of the games we  have been playing this week including a session report from our latest game of BSG, an old favourite, Biblios and two new games to us World Championship Russian Roulette and Rising Sun.

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Sunday 11 February 2018

Inside the Box

Yes. We really are going to be talking about game boxes this week.

It might seem like the least important part of a board game but apparently we have a lot of opinions about how our games are stored!

We discuss hard hitting topics such as different box sizes and the merits over a custom insert. Also what do you do when a game has the perfect insert... but then you get an expansion?

We also discuss some of the many, many games we played this week including Cat Lady, Dominion, Ex Libris, Arrogance, NameTrain, Scythe, Tiny Epic Quest and the Goonies Adventure Card Game.

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Sunday 4 February 2018

Component Moment

Video games may have their flashy graphics and automatic maths but one thing they don't have is chunky wooden pieces and lots of lovely, lovely cardboard.

A games components are a big part of the tactile experience board gaming brings and one of the many things I enjoy about gaming. This week Kelly and I discuss our favourite types of components in games, discuss the age old debate of mini vs standee and discuss if component upgrades in games/ deluxe versions are worth it. 

We also discuss some of the games we have been playing this week including Ra, Schotten Totten, fridge Carcassonne and Tiny Epic Quest.

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