Sunday, 11 February 2018

Inside the Box

Yes. We really are going to be talking about game boxes this week.

It might seem like the least important part of a board game but apparently we have a lot of opinions about how our games are stored!

We discuss hard hitting topics such as different box sizes and the merits over a custom insert. Also what do you do when a game has the perfect insert... but then you get an expansion?

We also discuss some of the many, many games we played this week including Cat Lady, Dominion, Ex Libris, Arrogance, NameTrain, Scythe, Tiny Epic Quest and the Goonies Adventure Card Game.

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  1. The new expansion for Deception: Murder in Hong Kong is the same size box as the original, and has an inlay that'll accommodate both it and the base game. It won't fit all the kickstarter extras, though.

    Splendor is my canonical "box too large for the game" - it's a decent insert except that the three card slots are the same size, but my custom case for it is 1/4 the original size. And Cities of Splendor has a horrible insert which barely holds the expansion content, never mind the original. That's probably my next insert-design project.

    1. I remember being super impressed with the insert of splendor - until I realised just how much space it took up! The fact that the holes where the right depth for the tokens was so impressive to me (and I'm sure our copy had the right size slots for the cards?) but once someone pointed out how much space the insert wasted it did take the shine off considerably!

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