Sunday, 25 March 2018

All the games

Kelly and I had some rare time apart this week, which meant we ended up doing some gaming apart as well.

The result of this is that between the two of us we have played 34 games this week (16 unique games!)

All these different games left very little time for a pillow talk so in this weeks episode we just discuss ALL THE GAMES - including Inis, Whitehall Mystery, Cosmic Encounter, HMS Dolores, China Town, Star Realms, In Vino Morte, Arrogance, Timeline British History, Pocket Mars and Spyfall.

We did however have a pillow talk last week - all about Gaming with our Grandparents, and the particular considerations we have to make when playing a game with someone who is over 80. Unfortunately I forgot to post it to the website last week - so if this is the only way you access the podcast then here it is now - and please accept my apologies for not posting it sooner (please note we are on itunes, stitcher and most places where you can get podcasts from!)

So potentially a double feature for some of you this week! If that still isn't enough you can always follow us on social media for more in the week!


  1. Episode 45:

    I find that after four or five plays of a Timeline game I've broken it, and everyone I played with will get a perfect game every time. This is why I don't buy them; I play them at a boardgame café, then leave them for a few months.

    I think that any game session involves negotiation – if I'm playing with That Person Who Hates Coup, I won't play Coup even though it's one of my favourites. One thing I've found tricky with non-hobbyist players is that they often think in terms of there being a small number of games, so they can be hesitant to dismiss something they don't like the look of.

    1. I hadn't considered that! Although I think the common issue we come against playing with non hobbyist is always a game being dismissed because it looks too complicated.

      We have a few copies of Timeline and we play them infrequently enough that its never been an issue - though I guess if the game promotes you learning, I guess that shouldn't be considered a flaw!

  2. Episode 46:

    For me the huge multi-hour game is still Firefly - which I've managed on a weekday evening but it's hard work.

    Too much maths? No such thing! (But I like Leaving Earth, so…)

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