Wednesday, 20 March 2019

Gaming with Baby

We had a baby!

Surprisingly enough it has got in the way of us both playing board games and recording podcasts.

This episode we talk about how having a baby has affected our gaming and what kind of games might be suitable for playing when there is a newborn baby around.

Also I know that our last episode released was episode 66. I hope to get the missing Christmas special episode out soon!


  1. I also start pining for boardgames if I go too long without playing them.

    I hope the sleep situation settles down for you soon. Babys are all so different and things like sleeping can get better (or worse) from one day to the next sometimes.

    You could put your Christmas episode up in June, as a treat for those in the Southern Hemisphere who like to celebrate a midwinter Christmas.

    1. Ah that would have been a much better idea than what I ended up doing!

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