Sunday, 8 April 2018


This week following a seemingly controversial new purchase, we are discussing the replayability of games, in particular - what factors make a game replayable, and how important is it for a game to be replayable?

We are also discussing games we have played in the week including Dominios, Skull King, Arctic Scavengers, Sunset Over Water and most importantly Herbaceous.

We also launch a new competition this week, so keep listening to the end of the episode for details for that! (Please note this is just for fun- there are no prizes). Feel free to put your answers in the comments below!

Also to support the Uganda board game convention Ben talks about visit:


  1. Bridge! Stay away! Either you lose all the time, or you play nothing else so that you can get up on a level with the other people who play nothing else. (Or maybe that's just me.) One of the things I like about modern boardgames is that you don't have to make one specific game Your Game and build your whole life round it.

    These days I try very hard to look for replayability before I buy a game. I don't have room or budget to add many games to my collection (unless I get rid of some of the older ones), so I try to optimise for the stuff I enjoy most… and encourage my friends to buy games that I know I only want to play occasionally – like Fury of Dracula which is about a once-a-year game for me.

    The UK Games Expo bring and buy is great for converting board games to money, but you have to budget an hour or two queueing for the drop-off, and most of an hour for pick-up, even with the new streamlined procedures. If you want to swap game for game, you can get better value; UK maths trades on BoardGameGeek are good for this.

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