Monday, 30 April 2018

Stranger Gamer

Board gaming is a fun and social hobby and is great to enjoy with friends and family. But what about those times when you are gaming with people you don't know? 
As two self confessed socially awkward people, how do we cope gaming with strangers - what difficulties does that bring and what benefits?

We also discuss some of the games we have been playing this week including BSG, 7 Wonders, Pandemic Legacy S2 (no spoilers), The Mind and Liberatalia.

We also finally reveal the mystery board game sound and introduce a new one- so keep listening at the end of the episode for that!


  1. I've only played Battlestar Galactica once, but it seems to me that playing face-up would break the game in several ways - I certainly can't see it working in related games like The Resistance or Homeland.

    At conventions I play with strangers quite a bit - or at least with people I don't see much outside conventions. I seem to get lucky and find people who are good at teaching games quickly; in a chance-met group it's often the first time for most of the people round the table at any given game. I do like socialising while I'm playing games – not chatting about other things necessarily, but talking in a friendly way – and that's one reason I don't have much to do with tournament gaming, along with the cost when it's a collectible game.

    (I suppose, alas, it still makes some difference that I'm a bloke. I've never met the creepy types people talk about, but I'm sure they're out there.)

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