Sunday, 5 November 2017

Social Gaming

Unless you are a solo gamer, board gaming is quite a social hobby. It provides a shared experience that can be the centre piece of a social get-together.

But when your hobby is board games and a lot of your friends are 'gamers' sometimes it can feel like board gaming is the only way you socialise.

In this weeks episode we discuss some of the pros and cons of socialising around board games and question if its something we do too much of?

We also discuss some of the games we played in what turned out to be quite a social week, including the Great Dinosaur Rush, Oh My Goods, Kingdom Builder and Star Realms.

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  1. I'd rather a game end just a bit too soon than just a bit too late, when it's outstayed its welcome.

    I usually have Red7 in my pocket but if I'm at a non-gaming event it rarely comes out.

    1. I agree to that! If a game outstays its welcome I'm always tempted to throw the game to finish it!