Sunday, 19 November 2017

Board Game Sommelier

You get into the hobby, you start to amass games, you form a gaming group, maybe even start a podcast. At some point your friends and family notice you have a new hobby and they have questions.

If you are lucky one of those question is 'What board game would you recommend playing?'

Suddenly all those hours you spent playing games, watching youtube reviews and reading blog posts  have paid off. You scour your collection looking for that perfect game that's going to grab them and make a gamer of them too...

Or you just pull out pandemic because that's the gateway game that got you hooked. Either way.

This week we discuss the art of recommending board games for others. What factors do you take into consideration and is it even possible to predict what someone is going to enjoy if they have never played a modern board game?

We also discuss some of the games we have been playing this week including the Goonies Adventure card game, Pandemic and Werewords.

If you have any recommendations for games or thoughts on what we discussed feel free to leave comments below or contact us on social media - we love hearing from you guys! Links to all our Social media can be found to the right!

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  1. On the subject of losing on the first turn of Pandemic, it can happen by running out of one colour of cubes. Here's an example...

    Enjoying the show!

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