Sunday 12 November 2017

Negotiation Games

I'm not what you would call 'a haggler'. I'm not confident enough to push for a good deal on something and I'm much happier to go with whats on the table than to face awkwardness and confrontation by trying to negotiate for more.

But board games are all about escaping reality and despite my poor skill in real life I happen to really enjoy negotiation games. This week we were lucky enough to play two great ones - New Angeles and Chinatown.

We discuss how these games use negotiation in there game-play, as well a comparing how real life negotiation skills compare to their board game counterparts. 

We also discuss some of the other games we have been playing this week including Go Nuts for Donuts, New York Slice and One Night Ultimate Alien.

There are also details of the Inside Voices Network competition to win a copy of Stop Theif, to enter just tweet a #SleepyBandit picture to @InsideVoicesNet. To enter multiple times check out the other podcasts in the network at

If you want to catch up with us during the rest of the week check out the links to our social media.


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    I think it's a benefit of a negotiation game when you can set up an everybody-wins situation: say, you get more A points that you're collecting, I get more B points that I'm collecting, and between us we take steps towards shutting the other players out of possible victory. I haven't played many of them, though… When I do it in real life I think I tend to look for the best solution for everyone, rather than optimising for my own gain.

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