Sunday, 29 October 2017

Can board games be Scary?

Last Halloween we threw a Board Game Halloween party. I gathered up any games we had with monsters, zombies, murder or ghosts in and we had a day just playing these 'scary' games!

Everyone had a lot of fun and good time had by all but - at no point do I believe anyone was genuinely scared of these games we were playing. Despite hoards of zombies, murdering hotel guests and hidden traitors these 'scary' board games all failed to scare us.

Personally I don't think the designers of these games were going for fear and that's fair enough, but there is something weirdly enjoyable about being scared for entertainment, that's why so many people go to theme parks, watch horror movies or jump out of planes.

This week we discuss if its possible, or desirable, for a board game to be truely scary.

As always we also discuss the games we have been playing this week including the potentially scary Dead of Winter and the definitely not scary Rhino Hero Super Battle.

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Also check out the We're Not Wizards podcast, we were pleased to be invited on as guests this week where we discussed a bit of our gaming history as well as what games we would want in a zombie apocalypse.


  1. Any chance you could add id3 tags (title, etc.) to your files for future episodes? They show up in many audio players, and several podcast syndicators use them. and have suggestions for software.

    I like Dead of Winter, but I don't seem to play it very often. At some point I'd like to try The Long Night, but there always seem to be other calls on my gaming budget.

    I think it's worth distinguishing between jump-scares and intellectual scares: the visceral thing is indeed hard to achieve, but the scare that comes when you think about the implications of something may work better. That would be a fairly narrative game, though, perhaps something more like an RPG.

  2. I don't really know what id3 tags are but I'll have a look into them! Thanks for the suggestion!

    The different types of scare are something we could have gone into in a lot more detail if we had had a bit more time but yeah I think an RPG is better set up to be scary!

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