Sunday, 7 January 2018

Expectation Vs Reality

Is it ever possible to be truly objective about a game?

Nearly every game we play we go into with expectations - whether its because we backed it on kickstarter two years ago and we have been riding the hype train ever since, or because it caught our eye because of a colourful well designed box, its impossible not to have at least some opinions on a game before you start playing.

This week we discuss the factors that influence our expectations of a game and how those expectations affect our enjoyment of that game. Does a lot of hype or a good review help or hinder our enjoyment?

We also discuss games we have been playing this week including Barenpark, Schotten Totten and Welcome to the Dungeon, as well as giving our thoughts on the integrated tutorial in Fog of Love and how playing Mint Works in the pub might look a bit dodgy!

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