Sunday, 24 September 2017

Back and sicklier than ever!

We have been away for two long weeks but now we are back! We are been away on our honeymoon to California which was amazing, so amazing we didn't actually have time for any games on our travels! (except Star Realms - there is always time for Star Realms).

You might think that didn't leave us a lot to talk about but fortunately we had had a couple of gaming sessions just before we left so we cast our minds back to two weeks ago and discussed those games instead. This episode we discuss  Arboretum, Bohnanza, Liars Dice and Paperback as well as a couple of IOS games. (This is a link to the poorly titled The Game app I was talking about)


As you might be able to tell from my voice I'm a little bit under the weather at the moment, so my energy levels didn't quite stretch to a pillow talk but we do go off on quite a few tangents this week such as my mothers favourite word games, the practicality of playing games on a plane and the terrifying prospect of all you games being stacked on top of each other and the potential crushing that could occur!

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