Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Dice dice baby

This week is all about dice and the many different ways dice are used in board games.

We discuss the perception that dice games are high luck and low strategy and the different ways games mitigate the luck of the dice, using a few case studies of games we have played this week including Dice Forge, Champions of Midgard, Roll Player and Strike (as well as talking about a few other favourites from our collection).

We also discuss some of the games we played in the week including Santorini, New York Slice and 5 Player Splendor. We also share some exciting news with you which may explain why we haven't played as many games recently! 

To learn more about Carcassonne the board game visit www.carcassonnecentral.com

And if you are interested in purchasing your own case for Splendor check out 3d.firedrake.org/#Splendor


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  3. Taken me a while to get around to this podcast... Congratulations on the baby - we're also having one and my wife has just returned to being fun and wanting to play games, rather than sleepy all the time ;)

    On randomness, there was a good Ludology podcast (http://ludology.libsyn.com/ludology-episode-173-patternity) on types of game design, where (amongst other things) they discussed input and output randomness - which you discussed but without using the terms to distinguish them.

    Output randomness is just typical roll and move type games, or combat in some games, where you roll the dice and there's nothing you can do about the result. Input randomness is like that in Sagrada, Fuse etc where you roll the dice and then decide what to do with them.

    One final thing - we were discussing Frustration/Ludo at work the other day and my Jordanian colleague said they have a version which uses cards instead of a dice - you draw a card from a suit in a standard deck and move that amount, but with certain cards have special abilities/moves (i.e. swap your piece with an opponents, go back instead of forward). Sounded like a much more interesting (/less annoying) version of Frustration. Can't remember what he said it was called though.

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