Sunday, 20 May 2018

Burnt out on Board Games

It's been a slow weeks gaming for us and we are questioning why that is... could it be that we are burnt out on board games or are there wider issues? We discuss what factors could cause us to become disinterested in the hobby we love!

We discuss the few games we did get to play including Scythe, Dice Forge, Quixx, Wibbell ++ and Zoomaka.

Also you may have noticed we have had a logo change! Our new logo was provided to us by friend of the show Jamie Riseborough


  1. I know what you mean about burnout. I'm suffering something similar at the moment, except with me it's new games. For a few weeks now i've picked up a rulebook for something new and my eyes just glaze over. I just want the familiar and the comfortable games at the moment, haven't got the patience to learn anything new. For this reason 7th Continent, Fields of Arle and Scythe still haven't hit the table.

    1. PS. Is the drop boardgames sound Azul?

    2. Has your burn out slowed down your buying? I'm still pretty keen to learn all the new games, but Kelly very much prefers to play stuff she is familiar with. Shop the drop was not Azul- you will find out in this weeks episode!)

    3. Lack of shelf space has slowed down my buying, although i did just import a slew of roll & writes from Philibert last week. Had a game day Saturday and played nothing but new games, so i think the fatigue might be subsiding.

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