Sunday, 3 December 2017

The Gift of Board Games

It can be difficult deciding what to buy for people for Christmas.

You want to get something that someone is going to like and appreciate but sometimes what that thing isn't completely obvious. I'm guilty of buying more than my fair share of novelty tat - useless gadgets, books that just have funny titles, I've even brought someone nothing before.

Something I do feel confident buying people however, is board games. I love selecting something I think they will like and know that is going to played and enjoyed over and over.

But is that confidence misplaced? We discuss whether you should buy people board games, and if you do - what games should you get them.

We also discuss what we have been playing this week including Descent, Tokaido and Android Netrunner with some mixed opinions about those games.

If you have any Christmas present suggestions let us know on social media - we are on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. If you are curious whats on my Christmas wishlist check it out here:

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  1. I see Descent as closer to an RPG (in the traditional dungeon-bashing style rather than something more modern) than to a boardgame - and in RPGs it's been clear for two decades that they don't work if the GM is directly competing against the players. Rather, the GM's job is to create an interesting story.

    Then again there are highly asymmetrical but still balanced boardgames, like Ogre. I think Ogre manages it by being ruthlessly simple and thoroughly playtested.

    I very much agree with you on the decision thing - as far as I'm concerned, the higher the proportion of my time when I'm making meaningful decisions, the more I enjoy the game. Which leads into Sagrada, which I played for the first time last night: all decisions, all the time! It's a surprisingly intense experience and has immediately made it to my want list.

    I wouldn't want to receive a board game from someone who wasn't keeping an eye on my BGG want list. But at the same time I'm likely simply to buy things that are on my list, so I'd want them to tell me they were doing it. Fortunately I don't really do much in the way of giving or receiving presents anyway.

    Speaking as someone who produces component upgrades and accessories (, I applaud your idea of buying people component upgrades and accessories. :)

  2. This is cool! Perfect for gifts. Thanks for sharing.

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